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Raise Restaurant Revenue

The Guest Call Ultra and Titan Pager system efficiently manages customer flow and waiting guests. The guest pager family enhances the overall guest experience by enabling more efficient service to waiting guests.

The Ultra Pager offer voice alerts and for the out-of-range feature that captures guests and reduces pager loss. Both pagers offer available promotional space provides valuable marketing opportunities.

Guest Call Allows You To:

Find guests faster

Reduce no-shows and walkaways

• Guests get the food they ordered

Seat more people, more quickly

Eliminate annoying PA noise

Reduce guest anxiety

Run a smoother operation

Establish commitment between restaurant and guest

Ultra and Titan wireless guest paging system is the ideal tool to silently notify guests that their table or food is ready. Keep your guests waiting nearby and turn tables more efficiently with GuestCall Pagers.

The pager family includes two styles of guest pagers; the popular Ultra and traditional Titan pager. “ Both systems are designed to provide superior coverage.

Guest Call features:

Easy operation and installation

Plugs into standard 230V outlet

Operates in FM mode on UHF (433-470 MHz)

Adjustable power settings with up to 2 watts of power provides complete area coverage

Multiple pager solutions to best accommodate various operating environments and budgets.

Complete system warranties for end-to-end protection of your system investment

Out of range feature captures guests and reduces pager loss

Integrates with other systems such as JTECH™, HME™, NTN™, Apollo™

Designed for tough restaurant environment.


Increase Check Averages

The Server Call Waiter Paging System lets you run a smoother operation while increasing check averages, no matter the delivery system - server pickup, teams or runners.

Designed for tough restaurant environment the system allows your servers the time to focus on your guests and employ suggestive selling to increase sales.

Managers and servers can be notified if there are any questions or problems in the kitchen that require immediate attention.


Server Call Allows You To:

Get food out of the kitchen faster

Eliminate reheats

Increase check averages

Make food runners more efficient

Reduce labor expenses

Retain good servers with increased tips

Build better customer rapport

Run a smoother operation



Server Call instantly notifies servers when orders are ready, optimizing food quality, guest service and staff efficiency.

Server Call transmitters are available in a 16 button on-push panel and in a small numeric display to accommodate restaurants of all sizes.

The pagers provides a durable, low profile silent vibration pager designed for the rigors of the restaurant environment.


Server Call Features:

16 Single Press Push Button Transmitter, or alternative small StaffCall transmitter

Auto Recall Feature

All-Page Feature

Robust Reliable Pagers with metal clip.

2 Manager Buttons

Easy Read LED Pager Number

User-Replaceable Rechargeable Batteries

Unique System ID



Silent Discrete Communication. Options for vibrate only, vibrate & flash, vibrate flash & bleep or full alpha text messaging.

Simple Operation Press the server’s number on the kitchen transmitter and the server is instantly alerted

Robust Pager Design Pagers are made from high quality parts offering the best performance in the industry

LED Pager Display Clear LED pager number display, no messy number stickers

Upgradeable range of pagers & options for flexible communication